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Hello, Friend!


Thank you for visiting my site and showing just a little interest in who I am. I’m stoked you’re here. 


I am a mother to two beautiful young girls, a wife to a school administrator, an English teacher, a dancer, an athlete, a friend, and a writer. I am so many more things as well, but I’m sure you’ll learn that the more we hang out.


I started writing when I was in elementary school, and I have always had a knack for it. For ten years my job has been to teach my students how to become good writers. However, by the time our students reach high school, we have missed so many opportunities to grow them into the fabulous writers they can be. I can’t remember how I learned to write well. Some of it was my teachers, a lot of it was natural skill, but it was also a love for reading that got me my strong start.


My early written works would mimic other texts I had read, and I have carried on that concept in my classroom as I tell students the number one way they will become the better writers is to become better readers.


This all led me to publish my first text. Soon after I had my eldest daughter, I noticed there was something missing in all the alphabet books we read together. They just didn’t sound right. And, now that I have two babies, they still don’t sound right. So I did the only thing a writer knows to do--I wrote one that sounded right!


My purpose with this first book is to help your kids become better readers and writers. I want your children to love language and understand how awesome it is when we use it well. If you head over to my “Books” page, you can read a little more about why I wrote this book for you and your kids.


I’d love to share more about my life with you, some about books, a lot about parenting, and a little about me. 


Please subscribe to my blog so we can create an awesome community and rock this parenthood thing!

:) Paige

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