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I created this book for you and your kids because I want reading to your child to be:

  1. fun!

  2. practical!

  3. accessible!

My purpose with this first book is to help you and your kids become better readers and writers. I want your children to love language and understand how awesome it is when we use it well.


I wrote A is for Ape: The Phonetically-Aligned Alphabet Book to help your child learn to quickly connect letters with sounds. “A is for apple” doesn’t encourage the quickest phonetic connections. While “A” is indeed for “apple”, the letter “A” uses a long vowel sound and the word “apple” uses a short vowel sound. On the other hand, “ape” uses a long vowel sound as does the letter “A”. 


The inspiration behind this book was reading to my kids. And I wrote this thinking of you and your time reading to your kids. Those quiet, one-on-one moments we have with them in the busy-ness of life are so precious. If you are anything like me, you want to make the most of that time together. You want to soak them in, engage them, look them in the eye, and teach them. It’s a lot, but we try to do it all.


We know our kids are magical (and, if we are honest, super challenging!). Seeing those little “light bulbs” go off is what gives me encouragement as a parent. I hope this book allows you to have more time together, helps your child learn to read, and activates more “light bulbs” in those adorable little brains.


This book aims to maximize the opportunity we have to help children improve their connection of letters and sounds. And while that may be a big goal, I believe it’s possible, and I thank you for believing in my book, too.


:) Paige

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