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Welcome, Friend.

First, allow me to thank you for being here. The fact that you took the time to type your email address into the subscription box on my website blows my mind. The fact that you might be interested in what I have to say means the world to me. And the fact that we can build a deeper relationship and a meaningful community through your inbox is so rad. And I'm excited.

If you purchased my first book, thank you. Your investment in me is a blessing and is appreciated more than I can express. And whether or not you purchased, I'd love for you to learn more about why I wrote A is for Ape: The Phonetically-Aligned Alphabet Book by visiting the "Books" page on my site.

My goal with this blog is to speak honestly and openly about motherhood, marriage, growth, and love. I get that not everyone is in the same season. But, as women, we all need sources of truth and encouragement, and I hope to be that for you. My words won't always be pretty, but they will be real, and sincerity will always be my focus.

I'm looking forward to speaking to you about once a week--I think that's pretty practical (and not overwhelming for either of us). Right now, Tuesday sounds like the best day for me to write to you, but who knows how that will evolve as things develop.

My plan along with each post is to also share three things that are getting me through the week because, let's face it, we can always use a little more ease and convenience in life. You can find this week's goodies below.

As always, if you know anyone who could benefit from this blog, I'd love for you to share.

You rock. Thank you for being here.

:) Paige




I keep one of these blankets in my car, on my couch, in the beach bag. With so many color options you really can't go wrong. They only get cozier with wear. And the size is just right for stashing under the stroller or in a backpack.


I cannot get enough of this product. It's the quickest and smoothest application ever, lasts all day, doesn't budge, and makes me feel very put-together. I love this neutral set as a starter. Snag this this deal for three high-end beauty items under $25.


It's going to be scorching in SoCal this week. And we don't have central air. We needed an alternative way to cool down the house, and these shades are doing the trick. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, and are affordable, convenient, and SUPER easy to install.

July 20, 2019: Visiting UCSB last weekend for a college roommate reunion with 10 adults and 9 kids--and that's not even all of us!

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